One of the first steps to building a PLN is to join Twitter. But before we do the how, let's have a look at some of the why -
20 Second Twitter Stories

I asked people in my PLN to record a short story about something that has happened to them on Twitter, or advice, or why they joined etc. Here is the result -
from @jennyluca in Melbourne
from @murcha Anne Mirtschin in Hawkesdale (Vic)

from @jasongraham99 in Indonesia
from @klbeasley Kerri-Lee Beasley in Singapore

from @dkuropatwa Darren Kuropatwa in Canada
from @bryanjack in Canada

from @lamos10 Linda Amos - Victoria.
from @ezka29 Erin Gallagher, Canberra

from @melshurtz in Malaysia
from @willie42 Andrew Williamson in Melbourne

There are also lots of Twitter Stories here, but not necessarily edu-related.

Inspired much? So....
Let's Get Tweeting!
Presentation by Keith Ferrell

Twitter in Plain English - a straightforward general explanation of Twitter.

A Beginner's Guide To Twitter

The main Twitter website - (where you go to sign up and set up your profile

I thought rather than explaining how to 'do' Twitter to you myself, that I would get my Twitter PLN to help. Here is the result....

This video comes from @malynmawby (when you see names written with the @ symbol in front of them that indicates a Twitter 'handle') who is in Sydney.

This video can be found on Vimeo as well.

Now that you have heard a bit about what Twitter is and what it can do, here are a few aspects of Twitter that you need to know about:

The following videos were made specifically for this workshop by people in my PLN :-)
Your network is made of real people from @thecleversheep Rodd Lucier in Canada
Your Twitter Profile from @loisath Lois Smethurst in Melbourne

How to signup-tips on picking a username from @dannynic in the UK
How to Tweet - keeping it short from @mr_mitch_h in Melbourne

What an @reply is from @richardolsen in Melbourne (from the IdeasLab)
How to Retweet from @melcashen in Bendigo

Direct Messages - what they are from @itmadesimple (Tony Richards) in Melbourne
Hashtags - what they are from @dkuropatwa in Canada

Lists - what they are and why they are useful from @kimcofino in Japan
Twitter Clients from @chamada in Vietnam

Other tutorials that may be helpful:
Twitter Hashtag Tutorial
Search YouTube - there are stacks of tutorials there.
10 Steps to kick start your Twitter network
Twitter For Teachers - A professional development tool
Links from @jessmcculloch on Diigo

People & #hashtags to follow

Me - @jessmcculloch

Jane - @msblps

People To Follow
#hashtags To Follow
My list of Oz & NZ EducatorsOTHER@dkuropatwa
My list of Educators in the US and Canada
My list of Educators in the UK and Europe
My list of Educators in Asia

Most Influential Educators on Twitter
The A-Z Dictionary of Educational Twitter Hashtags

Tips on things to write about on Twitter -
  • what is happening in your classroom at the moment
  • your plans for your next class
  • links to resources you have found
  • questions about how to.....?
  • links to any content you publish on the web
  • how you are feeling that day
  • everyday happenings - like complaining about not having time to have made anything interesting for lunch!
  • project ideas
  • how amazed your are at something
  • notes from a conference presentation that you are listening to - this is called a backchannel.