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As you come across a new Web 2.0 tool, it may be handy to think through a list of questions that will help you make sense of each tool -

Questions for Making Sense of Web 2.0 Tools

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Tool Time with Jane

Google Maps - You can insert a Google map into a blog or Wiki using a widget option. You can then select the place you wish to be viewed and the kind of map, but please note the some forms of the map may not be able to be embedded.

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To do this in a wikispace - go to the page you wish to embed the image on and select edit. Select widget, maps, google maps, type in the location you want, select the type of map you wish to appear. Next click on the 'link' icon, note if the type can be embedded, change appearance/size etc if desired, copy the html and then paste this back into the 'embed html' space on the wiki and save. A square box that says 'other widget' will appear on your wiki. Save the page and there you have it.

Google Tours - You can create and record your own 'tour' using Google Earth, which can be linked or embedded into your online collaborate space - whether Wiki or Blog to share with others. Use the link below to follow a step by step tutorial to show you how.

Google Docs - Anything you may have created, emailed, had someone else look at/add to/ edit can be produced online in 'the cloud'. You choose how you share (privately/anyone with the link/publicly). Below are three samples of possible use. One is a online co-operative project from the PLPConnectU program, the second is our maths planner template and the third is a drawing of a concept web, which you need to add your favourite tools from today too..

Sample presentation

Sample template for planning

Our Favourite Tools