Let's Bookmark, Together!
Social Bookmarking in Plain English

An Introduction to Diigo

Introducing Diigo by @mrpbps (John Pearce, Victoria)

To use Diigo you do need to sign up for a free account and create a profile. Once you've done this, work in pairs or small groups to find out the following (not necessarily in this order) -
  • how to follow people
  • how to save a link to your library
  • what tags are and how to add them
  • how to use the Diigo toolbar
  • what groups there are
  • how to join a group
  • how to tweet out a link you have bookmarked
  • how to start a list and why you would do that
  • how lists are different to groups

Links that might be handy -
Diigo's Help Section (tutorials here)
Search 'Diigo' on YouTube
Me on Diigo, you know, just in case :-)

QUIZ time!
You will be given a short trivia quiz on all the above points. It may not be me that is asking you the questions - hopefully it will be from people in my PLN coming in virtually to TEST YOU! :-)