A PLN is a Personal Learning Network - a group of people you have around you that you chat to, learn from, work with and come to rely on really! We all have personal learning networks of some description.

An online PLN is a very powerful thing to have. It means there are always colleagues around sharing things and helping each other. An online PLN broadens the reach of what you are doing and your ideas, as well as giving you more people and places to learn from yourself. More diverse ideas and more resources!

Why have a PLN?
There are lots of videos here that explain why a PLN is essential to our development as teachers
Or you may want to flick through 23 Resources about Personal Learning Networks

By taking yourself through the following 4 very powerful tools, you will have the start of your own online PLN as well as things to share with your PLN - which is really what is at the core of good connecting online.

1. Twitter

2. Diigo

3. Skype For Educators & The Global Education Collaborative